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Our fleet of bicycles is at your disposal, allowing you to pedal your way through the captivating Thesen Islands, taking in the sights and sounds of this picturesque paradise.

These are not guided tours. Knysna and its pristine forests, mountains and coastal routes make it an unforgettable biking destination. If clients choose to hire the bicycles and cycle in the Knysna forest, this will be permitted at their own risk. Helmets and locks are provided.

Embark on an exhilarating journey with our thrilling bicycle tours at The Water Club. We invite you to pedal your way through the captivating beauty of Knysna's landscapes, where every turn of the wheel unveils a new adventure. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, our tours cater to all skill levels. So, gear up and get ready to explore Knysna's hidden gems, experience its vibrant culture, and savor the freedom of the open road. Let our guided tours be your passport to unforgettable moments and the joy of discovery.

Hire times: 09h00 – 17h00

Choose from our cleverly named Bicycles

Bike Lee

Introducing Bike Lee – The Ultimate Zen Master on Two Wheels!

Who needs martial arts when you’ve got Bike Lee?

No black belts required, just a sprinkle of discipline, a dash of dynamic stretching, and absolutely zero training! Bike Lee’s dedication to physical fitness is so legendary that even Chuck Norris does warm-up exercises before attempting to ride it. With Bike Lee, you’ll break a sweat just trying to keep up with its awesomeness. This cultural icon doesn’t just pedal; it levitates over bumps, does wheelies around the competition, and can outrun the wind. It’s been known to inspire folks to put down the TV remote and hop on the saddle, chasing dreams and burning calories.

Bike Lee doesn’t just make you sweat; it sweats the bad vibes right out of you!

Get ready to channel your inner Zen master, because Bike Lee is all about self-improvement. It’ll teach you the true meaning of balance and remind you that life’s hills are just opportunities for epic downhill rides.

Winona Rider

Introducing the Winona Rider Bicycle – Where Pop Culture Meets Pedals!

Looking for an out-of-this-world cycling adventure? Say “Beetlejuice” three times, hop on the Winona Rider, and let the fun begin!

When you ride Winona, you’re not just cycling; you’re entering a world of cinematic excitement. In the unlikely event that you meet Edward Scissorhands on your tour, fear not! Winona’s got you covered with her mad skills at dodging bumps, navigating through forest trees, and slicing through scissor-like branches like a pro.

Bike Tyson

Introducing the Bike Tyson – Unleash the Two-Wheeled Champ!

Bike Tyson: The undisputed king of the quick tour!

With Bike Tyson as your trusty steed, you’ll not only break records but also enjoy the ride of a lifetime. It holds the record for the quickest tour of Knysna – it’s so fast that your ears are safe from any nibbling winds!

Bike Tyson guarantees you a professional comeback after every ride, ready to take on whatever life throws your way!

So, why settle for a regular bike when you can ride like a champ with Bike Tyson? Get on the winning team and pedal your way to glory!

Pedal Streep

Introducing Pedal Streep – The Oscar-Winning Ride of Your Life!

Pedal Streep: Where forest bushes become your red carpet, and bumpy edges are your standing ovation!

Just like Meryl’s chameleon-like transformations into different characters, Pedal Streep effortlessly adapts to any terrain, making your tour through Knysna as smooth as a Hollywood blockbuster. You’ll feel like the Devil Wears Prada, only with a lot more pedaling and a lot less fashion drama!

Wheelie Nelson

Introducing Wheelie Nelson – The Ride That’s “On the Road Again”!

Get ready to hit the road with Wheelie Nelson and experience the ultimate cycling adventure!

This legendary bike doesn’t just ride; it croons country classics, blending elements of country, folk, and rock to create a ride that’s as versatile as a Grammy-winning artist.

Wheelie Nelson: Where every ride is a soulful journey through the heartland of nature!

Taking a ride on Wheelie Nelson is like a musical meditation, helping you reflect on your life experiences and forge a deep connection with the great outdoors. You won’t become an outlaw on this ride, but you’ll become the talk of the cycling town!

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The Water Club is an outdoor adventure club that offers a range of activities, including sunset cruises, fishing cruises, kayaking, and bicycle tours.

In our commitment to delivering the ultimate Knysna adventure, The Water Club is committed to providing you with an unrivalled selection of adventure activities and water sports, all at competitive prices.

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We are open for Sunset and Sunrise cruises – which also affects the times.

Depending on seasonal changes and weather.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with The Water Club as we invite you to discover the breathtaking wonders of the Garden Route, Knysna Lagoon, and Knysna Heads.

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