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Join us on captivating cruises, whether you opt for daytime explorations or the enchantment of a sunset cruise, where you can savour the beauty of Knysna with a glass of sparkling bubbles in hand.

Embark on an unforgettable journey aboard our splendid Tom Cruiser Boat. The Water Club presents a selection of remarkable Sunset Cruises, inviting you to bask in the enchanting hues of the setting sun over the picturesque Knysna Lagoon. Glide effortlessly to a secluded beach, where you can relish the spectacle with a glass of bubbly and cherished companions by your side. Our licensed skipper, a font of knowledge about Knysna, will regale you with captivating tales about the region, enriching your experience.

For those seeking a lively adventure, our Party Cruiser awaits. Revel in the thrill of entertainment, savor light refreshments, and snacks as you and your friends gasp in the crisp, refreshing air. As you tour the lagoon, you'll be immersed in the pure essence of nature's wonders, creating lasting memories of your journey with us.

The cruise takes you past Brenton-on-Lake where guests may see deer, Fish Eagles, make a turn at the Heads before heading back to The Water Club. Cruise includes a snack platter and complimentary wine.

Departure Time: 08:00 (but can be arranged for earlier)

Please note: Maximum 10 people per cruise.

Departs every 90 minutes

Introducing the Tom Cruiser Cruise Boat – Where Every Cruise Is a Blockbuster!

Looking for a sunset cruiser that makes “Mission: Possible”? Say hello to the Tom Cruiser, the “Top Gun” of the waters and the ultimate way to cruise in style!

With the good looks of Tom Cruise as its hallmark, this spectacular boat will have you feeling like a Hollywood star as you set sail into the golden horizon. You won’t need to perform your own stunts because our “War of the World” skippers have got you covered. Just relax and enjoy a cruise that feels as smooth as “Rain Man” on a sunny day!

1hr Pontoon Lagoon Boat Cruise

1hr30 Pontoon Lagoon Boat Cruise

Sunset Pontoon Lagoon Boat Cruise


Frequently Asked Questions

The Water Club is an outdoor adventure club that offers a range of activities, including sunset cruises, fishing cruises, kayaking, and bicycle tours.

In our commitment to delivering the ultimate Knysna adventure, The Water Club is committed to providing you with an unrivalled selection of adventure activities and water sports, all at competitive prices.

Work Hours

We are open for Sunset and Sunrise cruises – which also affects the times.

Depending on seasonal changes and weather.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with The Water Club as we invite you to discover the breathtaking wonders of the Garden Route, Knysna Lagoon, and Knysna Heads.

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