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Paddle your way through the serene Knysna Lagoon, feeling the tranquillity of the water beneath you. Embark on a journey of serenity and exploration as you paddle your way through the tranquil Knysna Lagoon. Delight in the gentle caress of the water beneath your kayak and immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of Knysna's captivating scenery. Here, amidst the peaceful surroundings, find solace and tranquillity like never before.

Glide along the Knysna Lagoon in a canoe, exploring its hidden gems and breathtaking vistas. Experience the magic of Knysna from a unique vantage point as you embark on a canoeing adventure. Drift along the serene waters of Knysna Lagoon, surrounded by the natural splendour of this breathtaking coastal paradise. Let the gentle rhythm of your paddle guide you through moments of pure bliss and wonder.

Hire times: 09h00 – 17h00

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Single Kayaks

Selma Kayak

Introducing the Selma Kayak – Where Adventure Meets Artistry!

Where paddling becomes a masterpiece on water!

But Selma doesn’t stop there! She’s also an advocate for humanitarian causes, proving that even a kayak can have a heart of gold. As a “Grown Up” in the world of watercraft, she brings humor and style to kayaking like no other. You can bet she’ll have you laughing and splashing your way through the waves!

So, why settle for an ordinary kayak when you can paddle with the one and only Selma Kayak? Join the adventure, embrace the artistry, and make a splash with the kayak that’s earned a place among the most respected watercraft on Earth!

Natalie Portman

Introducing the Natalie Portman Kayak – The Black Swan of the Water World!

Prepare for a kayaking expedition that’s out of this world, as we take you on a journey from obscurity to fame with the one and only Natalie Portman Kayak!

Known as the Black Swan, this kayak emerged from the depths of nothingness to kayak stardom with sheer determination and dedication. She’s ready to take you on an adventure that will be talked about as far as the galactic Star Wars!

Joan Rivers

Introducing the Joan Rivers Kayak – Comedy on Water That’s Not as Old as It Looks!

Joan Rivers Kayak: A trailblazer on both land and water!

Known for her ability to push boundaries and provoke laughter, Joan Rivers is the kayak that’ll have you in stitches – just not literally! While she’s famous for her stand-up comedy, we’d advise against attempting a comedy routine in the middle of the lagoon. Wet punchlines aren’t very funny, after all!

So, hop aboard the Joan Rivers Kayak and prepare for a comedy-filled adventure on the water. She’s the kayak that’ll have you laughing ’til your paddles drop!

Kate Beck-en-Sail

Introducing the Kate Beck-en-Sail Kayak – Setting Sail for Fun and Style!

Looking for a kayak that won’t take you to the Underworld or Pearl Harbour? Say hello to Kate Beck-en-Sail, the kayak that’s all about unveiling love, friendship, and being the aviator of the water world!

Kate Beck-en-Sail doesn’t just paddle; she’s here to whisk you away on an adventure that’s more heartwarming than a rom-com and more thrilling than a Hollywood blockbuster. Get ready to explore the high seas with the kayak that’s noted for her beauty, fashion sense, and best-dressed watercraft award!

Double Tandems

Channing Tandem

Introducing the Channing Tandem Kayak – Where Tandem Meets Tantalizing Fun!

Channing Tandem Kayak: Where charisma meets the sea, and laughter rises higher than the tides!

With this dynamic duo kayak, there are no stops to “21 Jump Street,” but imagine having a trusty friend like Jonah Hill onboard. Together, you’ll navigate the waters like seasoned veterans, making waves and memories that’ll last a lifetime!

So, why paddle alone when you can have twice the fun with the Channing Tandem Kayak? Get ready for a tandem kayaking experience that’s twice as tantalizing and ten times as hilarious!

Russel Rowe

Introducing the Russel Rowe Tandem Kayak – Where Tandem Adventure Meets Hollywood Glory!

Get ready to unleash your inner Gladiator on the waters and become the “Master and Commander” of the Knysna Lagoon with the Russel Rowe Tandem Kayak!

This dynamic duo kayak isn’t just here to paddle; it’s here to conquer the waves with a “Beautiful Mind” that’ll have you feeling like Maximus Decimus Meridius himself! And, without bragging, it’s safe to say this kayak is more than worthy of a Golden Globe Award for being “The Water Diviner” of tandem kayaks.

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The Water Club is an outdoor adventure club that offers a range of activities, including sunset cruises, fishing cruises, kayaking, and bicycle tours.

In our commitment to delivering the ultimate Knysna adventure, The Water Club is committed to providing you with an unrivalled selection of adventure activities and water sports, all at competitive prices.

Work Hours

We are open for Sunset and Sunrise cruises – which also affects the times.

Depending on seasonal changes and weather.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with The Water Club as we invite you to discover the breathtaking wonders of the Garden Route, Knysna Lagoon, and Knysna Heads.

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