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Embark on an exhilarating fishing adventure aboard the Marlin Monroe pontoon boat, where you'll have the opportunity to reel in some extraordinary catches, including the coveted Steenbras, Grunters, Musselcrackers, and many more. Our website showcases the impressive catches from the bustling fishing environment, giving you a glimpse of the thrilling possibilities that await.

Choose to embark on this fishing cruise solo or with friends and immerse yourself in the thrill of the hunt. At The Water Club, we're passionate about preserving the delicate balance of the aquatic ecosystem, which is why we promote a catch and release program. While on board, you'll also get the chance to measure your catch against some of the lagoon's biggest fish and capture those triumphant moments with a photograph, making them your well-earned bragging rights.

Dive into the world of angling and set off on a fishing enthusiast's paradise, in pursuit of that prized catch amid the abundant waters of Knysna.

Click the link below to explore a preview of the incredible species you might encounter during your fishing expedition.

Departure Times: Daytime Hours – Book Your Four- Hour Fishing Slot

Summer: Nighttime Fishing Available (November, December, January, and February)

Please note: Maximum 10 people per cruise.

Introducing the Marlin Monroe Cruise Boat – Where Fishing Meets Hollywood Glamour!

Marlin Monroe Cruise Boat: Where beauty and glamour meet fisherman’s delight!

She’s not just an iconic figure; she’s a symbol of beauty and glamour that knows a thing or two about reeling in the best fish in the lagoon. Her mystique and enduring appeal will have you hooked, line, and sinker!

So, why settle for an ordinary fishing trip when you can cast your net with the Marlin Monroe Cruise Boat? It’s time to fish like a Hollywood star and make waves on the water!

Fishing Tour (Day Time 2 hours)

Fishing Tour (Day Time)


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